Zabrina Chevannes

Nearly every comic has to juggle other commitments, but Chevannes has more than most. She’s a mother to two active children, and her day job is an ‘all sorts of hours’ position as a nurse. But she still juggles it all with a busy stand-up schedule. She’s a regular on Kenny Robinson’s Nubian Comedy show, on the Yuk Yuk’s circuit, and beyond. She recently performed several nights on the Canuck Cabaret at the New York Frigid Festival. ‘I’m performing all the time around the GTA,’ she says, ‘after the kids soccer practices.’ Chevannes makes her other responsibilities part of her comedy routine. Her set is full of colourful references, and a few off-colour ones, to parenting and her day-to-day. She’s one of the most exuberant and cheerful stand-ups working in the city. She can turn a whole show around by kicking up the energy in the room.” -STEVE FISHER of Torontoist.com Zabrina’s comedy has been featured on The Comedy Network,CBC and Teletoons. After Zabrina was Nominated for The Tim Sims Award in 2008 she has been travelling between Canada and the U.S. performing Comedy at various Clubs and Private shows.

Zabrina Chevannes – Sleepwalk Heart Attack
Zabrina Chevannes – Tooth Fairy Questions
Zabrina Chevannes – What’s A Period
Backstage With Zabrina Chevannes