Where's The B? When people talk about the LGBT community, they often leave out the B. Host Jeff Leeson focuses on the bisexual community examining the stereotypes and discrimination they face. Featuring comedians comics Robert Keller, Jess Salomon, and Simon King.

The Isolation of Bisexuality
The Influence of Darren Young
Straight Men Don't Get It
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WHERE'S THE B? When people talk about the LGBT community, they often leave out the B. Host Jeff Leeson focuses on the bisexual community examining the stereotypes and discrimination they face.
YOUR VOTE COUNTS From Rob Ford to the senate scandal, politics has gotten a bad name lately. This week's guests debate voter apathy and ask whether young people are part of the problem or the solution.
SLAVE LABOUR There are an estimated 300,000 unpaid interns in Canada. Is this good business or corporate exploitation? The show features Josh Mandryk from the group Stop Unpaid Internships Scams.
THE RACE CARD Why are police stopping young black men for their identification? Comedians Chris Robinson, Andrew Searles, and Hoodo Hersi explain their own run-ins with the law.
THE PICK UP ARTIST Willy Beck is a professional pick up artist. He trains men to have the confidence to get any woman into bed. In this episode host Jeff Leeson asks if this harmless fun is really sexual harassment.
THE FRENCH DISCONNECTION Why are so many Anglophones leaving La Belle Province? Comedians Hunter Collins, Robert Keller and Andrew Searles weigh in on the reasons behind the latest exodus.
ABSENT FATHERS We visit the Black Daddies Club, a support group for fathers. Comedians Rob Mailloux, Mike Rita, and Faisal Butt talk about their jokes about their own relationships.
LOOKSISM Penny Loker and Samantha Loucks have a facial difference that has caused them isolation, bullying and discrimination. Comics Clifford Myers, Faisal Butt, and Rob Mailloux join the panel.
MORE PORN Sex educator Carlyle Jansen joins host Jeff Leeson and comics Julia Hladkowicz, Eman El Husseini, and Faisal Butt to talk about how porn can be an expression of feminism.
TERRORISM Host Jeff Leeson talks with the Race Director of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon about how to plan public events safely. Featuring comics Faisal Butt, Eman El Husseini, and Nader Mansour.
THE QUEBEC CHARTER OF VALUES We meet a woman whose choice to wear her hijab may force her to leave her job and home. Comedians Eman El Husseini, Hoodo Hersi, and Robert Keller join the discussion.
WEED In this first episode of the season host Jeff Leeson takes us through the hazy world of marijuana. Includes comedians Rob Mailloux, Mike Rita, Faisal Butt and medical marijuana users Jennifer Collett.
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BULLYING [Pilot] Being the butt of the joke can be a painful experience. Is it ok to turn that pain into laughter and how do those jokes affect people being bullied?
DIRTY LAUNDRY WEBISODE "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all" is not a motto that works for comedians.
WAGS WEBISODE Wives And Girlfriends of standup comics must be brave people to have their most intimate moments shared publicly. But how do they really feel and how hard is it to make those relationships last?
GETTING PERSONAL WEBISODE Have you ever made fun of yourself first before anyone else had a chance to? Standup comics do it all the time.
DIRTY JOKES WEBISODE Performing "blue" is pretty common in the standup world but is the swearing really integral to the joke or is it an easy way to get a laugh?
GROWING UP FUNNY WEBISODE How does living in the ghetto or the suburbs influence your voice as a standup comedian? Our comics compare notes about how where they grew up influenced them.
PARENTAL GUIDANCE WEBISODE Sure they're funny and can be a lot of fun at the dinner table but how do parents react when their kid wants to be a standup comedian?
HECKLERS WEBISODE The comedian's job is to tell the jokes. The audience's job is to listen and laugh but what happens when the audience insists on being part of the show?
ETHNICITY WEBISODE Canada is full of families from different backgrounds that standup comics love poking fun at. In this discussion our comics talk about the difference between being racist and funny.
SMALL TOWNS WEBISODE Performing Standup in a small town can be like walking into the lion's den..